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Sale of spurious medicines AMADA expresses concern

Imphal, February 09, 2011: All Manipur Anti-Drug Association (AMADA) has expressed surprise in not taking up any step by the State Government to punish the culprits of circulating spurious medicines in the State

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India becomes a hub for fake medicines

NEW DELHI: Private investigator Suresh Sati rattled off the popular brand names listed on the boxes of cough syrup, supplements, vitamins and painkillers sprawled across the desk and shelves in his basement office

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Using Antibiotics Wisely


    Infections are caused by two main types of germs--bacteria and viruses

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Generic Drugs Definition

Generic drug, a drug sold or prescribed under the non-proprietary name of its active ingredients or under a generally descriptive name rather than under a brand or trade name

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Generic Drugs

India makes cheaper generic drugs prescription compulsory in public hospitals

Indian health ministry has asked all the public hospitals and autonomous medical institutions to compulsorily prescribe cheaper generic versions of branded drugs

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Adverse Drugs Reaction


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