Spurious Drugs

Phony Pills Looks Like Original

NEW DELHI: When private investigator Pankaj Dutt and police raided a place run by a fake drug syndicate in Patna, a city in eastern India, in July, he and his team found 84 boxes of a fake fertility drug, wrappers, cartons, chemicals and unlabelled ampoules

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85% Of Pharma Companies Confident About Winning War On Count

Pharma IQ has just published the results of its Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting Survey, conducted in October 2011 among 1,000 pharma anti-counterfeiting specialists

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Beware of spurious medical products

Medical products are important to ensure that those who need them would be properly helped

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Recognising Spurious

While the U

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spurious Clippings

spurious clippings: global news round-up Phil Taylor 13-Nov-2010 SecuringPharma

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