3rd December 2016

As we celebrate Patient Solidarity Day 2016 today at Varanasi, we are joined by well-wishers from all across the globe, We feel honoured in sharing few messages received as we stand together to celebrate #PSD2016 today

Thank you Hon'ble Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Vijaybhai Rupani and Dr K K Aggarwal National President Elect IMA for supporting our cause. 

Hon'ble Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Vijaybhai Rupani



Dr KK Aggarwal
National President Elect, IMA

Today is Patient Solidarity Day

Patient Solidarity Day and need for Universal Health care for all

In consumer market the consumer is the most important ad in health care patient is our assets and the most important one. Being a doctor we need to lend our ears to his sufferings, practice empathy and not sympathy and be available to him at all times when on need. We need to maintain honour and dignity of the medical profession and treat the patients with the same dignity, honour and due respect.

In September 2015, the 194 Member States of the United Nations agreed to develop and put in place practical actions and national frameworks to achieve Universal Health care and other targets, as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Resolution A/RES/70/1).

This Patient Solidarity Day (PSD), Saturday 3 December 2016, IMA call on our members, state and local branches, institutions, and stakeholders to support the call for UHC for all. Sustainable, patient-centred UHC is going to need significant efforts and firm commitment over the next 14 years from the key actors in the healthcare system: governments, the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare providers, and patients’ organizations.

Patient-centred UHC means that all people receive the health services they need without suffering financial hardship.

Universal health coverage can be defined as affordable, high-quality and accessible healthcare for everyone.

The following are the core principles of universal health coverage

1) Accessibility: All patients have the right to access the healthcare that they need, when they need it.

2) Patient-centredness and equity: All people, regardless of disease or condition; age, gender, race or ethnic background; sexual orientation; geographic location; socio-cultural background, economic or legal status, must have fair and impartial access to quality healthcare.

3) Choice and empowerment: All patients have the right to know about the healthcare services that are available. Patients must be able to be meaningfully involved in healthcare decision-making in a variety of ways at the local, national, regional and global level.

4) Quality: It is not enough for all patients to have access to healthcare. Provision needs to be safe, of the highest attainable standard and include a commitment to learning and improvement. Patients need to define what constitutes quality in healthcare.

5) Partnership and collaboration: Patients have a moral and ethical right to play a meaningful role at all levels; in health and in other areas that can have an impact on health and wellbeing.

6) Sustainability and the value of healthcare: All stakeholders need to recognise the value of healthcare when considering investing in universal health coverage.

7) Accountability and transparency: Accountability and transparency are vital to delivering safe, effective and affordable healthcare. All stakeholders need to be held accountable on commitments they have made to implement universal health coverage, and be accountable to the patients that they serve.

IMA initiative: Key messages

•             Leave no-one behind.

•             UHC is only truly patient-centred when health services are universally accessible, affordable, and of high quality.

•             IMA members to take responsibility for implementing robust national frameworks and appropriate measures to achieve patient-centred UHC.

•             Healthcare stakeholders to be held accountable for their commitments to achieve UHC

•             Collaborative decision-making, based on genuine patient involvement, is key to ensuring no-one is left behind.

 As a board member of PSM both me and IMA are committed for the patients.  I will be taking over as the National president IMA on 28th December and have included patient safety and patients’ rights in my agenda. IMA will be closely working with Bejon Mishra as an advisor and PSM to take this forward.

I am sorry I am not being able to join you all due to viral and wish the event all the success.