Mumbai Event: Training workshop organized by PSM India and PSI at Mumbai

Mumbai Event: Training workshop organized by PSM India and PSI at Mumbai

Mumbai, 13th March 2012

The Training WORKSHOP to build the capacity within the Law Enforcement agencies kick started in Mumbai on 13th March 2012, at 10am. It aimed at fostering greater awareness of spurious Pharmaceuticals support mechanisms and public and private partnerships. Yet another workshop would be conducted in Chennai on 16th March 2012.
Col K.G. Ramani , one of the Founding directors of C3i Consultants India Pvt. Ltd. welcomed all stakeholders to the workshop and inaugurated the training program along with Mr.Thomas Kubic of PSI , Mr. Bejon Misra of PSM India , Mr.Kirk Middleton of ESG , Ms. Meenu Chandra of FICCI and Mr.Devinder Pal of Catalyst Pharma Consulting , by the traditional lighting of the lamp .

The Global Perspective was very efficiently showcased by Mr.Thomas Kubic of PSI, a W.H.O IMPACT working group member and a law enforcement officer himself. He spoke on the menacing situation facing the community and the practical ways to build on its security. Various analytical reports were depicted by Mr. Kubic , one of which showed 2054 incidents recorded in 2010 , of which 1735 were counterfeit , 278 diversions and 41 thefts. The regional analysis divulged Asia to be topping the list with 1073, the highest number of incidents been recorded .Due to weak drug regulators, Africa recorded the least with a mere 48 incidents. He pointed out that due to this reason the Govt. of Africa was facing huge challenges. Mr. kubic went on further to throw light on the leader of counterfeiting, Kevin Xu and his various criminal acts.� Manufacturing and distribution of spurious medicines is a crime. We must safeguard the public and alert them to spurious drug incidents�, Mr.kubic concluded

The Partnership for Safe medicines India was represented by its founder head , Mr. Bejon Misra ,whose presentation dealt with the Indian perspective . He spoke on the one and a half year journey of PSM India since its launch in September 2010 and its contribution in creating awareness towards spurious drugs in India. Mr. Misra said ,� The need for India to tackle the menace of spurious and not of standards medicines in the supply chain is fast growing. The safety and efficacy of our medicines need to be determined by the regulators and the distinct stakeholders of the pharma sector.�

Mr. Deepak Barai , an aware pharmacist was acknowledged and rewarded by PSM India for his constant contribution in this field . The 1st edition hardcopy of THE PRESCRIPTION , a half yearly newsletter by PSM India, showcasing all the important aspects of spurious medicines in India , was also launched at the event . The 1st copy of the inaugural issue was presented to Mr. Thomas Kubic by The editor ,Ms. Pooja Khaitan .

The workshop reached its conclusion with the enforcement aspects highlighted by Mr. kirk Middleton of ESG. Mr.Kirk helps in strategic planning and has been associated with marketing strategies to strengthen this awareness. Counterfeiting videos and examples were demonstrated by him rather effectively. .

The training workshop saw the involvement and energetic participation of diverse individuals from the Customs department , pharma industy, IPA, legal consultants and other important regulators . This was for the first time such a training initiative was organized in a Public Private Partnership model by PSM India.