Govt cracks down on companies making spurious drugs

Govt cracks down on companies making spurious drugs

Gurgaon: The Drug Control Department on Friday confiscated more than 2 lakh fake Ciprofloxacin tablets from a company called Chem Pharma in Gurgaon.

The department got information about the company on July 4. It collected samples from the company for testing, and the results that came on Friday showed the medicines were spurious.
Chem Pharma incidentally has the license to make the drug, but was not using the configuration for the drug.

The Drug Control Department will approach the local court against the owners of Chem Pharma on Saturday.

There were similar raids in Himachal Pradesh where the police raided a pharmaceutical unit in Solan district on the complaint of Piramal Health Care Products.

The unit was making tablets imitating Saridon. The entire stock was seized and a case registered against the owners of the unit.

The Director of Chem Pharma in Gurgaon S C Bhardwaj says he is being framed by vested interests.

When asked whether the allegations made by the Directorate of drugs control regarding the samples which were taken were negative for the configuration and that they are spurious true, he said that the final report from CDL will come from Calcutta, only then they will it be clear whether it is spurious or injurious.

He also added that it cannot be totally negative in this case. We are waiting for the report.
There were 6 samples which were taken from this factory out of which one has so far been reported to be negative. But Bhardwaj defended that by saying it was "partly negative" and " until and unless they are simultaneously checked by another laboratory, we cannot reach to any conclusion."

When asked about the legal proceedings, he said the final custody cannot be taken by the department just like that.

He said before the department puts the case on me, I will take the matter to the CDL because this is a serious thing. Until then the legal proceedings will be held.

CDL is the central government of India's supreme body for clinical testing and trials.
Bhardwaj said this had never happened and "some vested interests" have taken place in this case. He went on to allege that some people had even changed the samples to negativity just to frame him and embarrass him.

He said that the sample would go to CDL or to other independently run laboratory for the testing of negativity.

He was quite confident and said that all the quantity and requisite dosage forms were adequate.

He also denied the allegations that the batch number and labels being absent and said that he has everything on record.