Singapore based ABC World Asia has invested Rs 112 in health tech companies HCAH

Singapore based ABC World Asia has invested Rs 112 in health tech companies HCAH

New Delhi, January 14, 2022:


Healthtech company HCAH (HealthCare at HOME) has raised 112 chlores from Singapore-based private equity fund ABC World Asia (“ABC”) to build a hospital healthcare delivery platform. HCAH aims to use this investment for physical rehabilitation and recovery through home ICU service coverage, inpatient rehabilitation at transitional care centers, including digital and home rehabilitation, and elderly care services.

In addition, we will invest in palliative and attendant care services, chronic disease management services including screening, diagnostics and patient support, and adherence programs in collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies. Most of the services mentioned are residential, centered, and digitally delivered through HCAH’s unique technology platform, with the goal of improving through investment.


HCAH is backed by the founders of the Burman family, Quadria Capital and Healthcare at Home UK.


Regarding the investment, HCAH co-founder and CEO Vivek Srivastava said: -Long care focused on physical rehabilitation and recovery, and care for the elderly. HCA invests in technology and data capabilities to improve efficiency, scale and develop better products. HCAH has sufficient capital and is keen to find acquisitions to accelerate its mission. HCAH has treated approximately 1 million patients with a recovery rate of nearly 97% during a pandemic and has worked closely with the Government of Delhi, Punjab and Karnataka to provide large-scale services. “


Sugandhi Matta, ABC’s Chief Impact Officer, describes the impact of investment on the healthcare sector: Ensure continuous care while reducing the burden on your existing healthcare system. The positive impact it has on both the individual and systemic levels is closely aligned with ABC’s key investment theme of ensuring better medical care for all. The COVID-19 pandemic further emphasizes the need to enhance traditional hospital-centric healthcare models with convenient, clinically focused care outside the hospital. We look forward to supporting HCAH, which continues its mission to improve access and quality to health care in India. “


Gaurav Burman, Managing Partner of Burman Family Holdings, estimates that the total “out-of-hospital” market in India is US $ 35 billion and is projected to grow to US $ 85 billion by 2025.


The FICCI and KPMG reports entitled “COVID-19 Induced Health Care Transformation in India” highlighted that COVID-19 has increased adoption of remote care and digital health care systems worldwide. The report emphasizes that India’s health crisis and subsequent response management, and these interventions, are not a one-off effort and can have long-term implications for India’s health care system. This investment is in line with the projected digital transformation in India. This could support India’s out-of-hospital care segment facing a shortage of hospitals as the number of cases of COVID increases. ET HealthWorld